Altercomics Studios team ups with Alien Books to bring new Valiant Comic Books!

Attention Valianteers!

Prepare for an epochal shift in the comic cosmos! Alien Books is ecstatic to reveal a stellar collaboration with none other than Valiant publishing, promising a galactic adventure like never before.

The word’s out—Altercomics Studio and Alien Books are collaborating, which will result in an explosion of unparalleled storytelling. Brace yourselves for the return of X-O Manowar Unconquered and the pulse-pounding debut of Ninjak Superkillers this December. But that’s just the launchpad!

Make sure to mark your calendars for October 12-15th, when Alien Books will have a booth at New York Comic Con dedicated to all things Valiant. And of course, some of our Artist will be there. Meet us there for a chance to engage, connect, and snag some out-of-this-world goodies that will make your fandom heart soar.

Hold tight, for Altercomics and Alien Books are charting a course toward unparalleled storytelling magic. Brace for a universe of wonder!

Stay valiant,